All of our sessions utilize the Zoom platform.  We want our time together to be as secure as possible.  You will need to register for the sessions.  To register, please click on the session you would like to attend.    

I am a psychotherapist and somatic therapist. I am a certified Kripalu Teacher and have trained with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy  and Subtle Yoga.

A Mountain Mind & Movement yoga session does not focus on achieving postures.  Sessions focus more on innercise versus exercise.  It is meditation in motion.  The sessions are an opportunity for you to  reconnect with yourself.  

An opportunity to observe, breathe and transform.  
If you have specific tension patterns in your body, breath and/or mind, I encourage you to come to class 15 minutes early to check in and I will include postures/breathwork to support you in transforming those tensions.
Weekly Sessions
MMM Yoga Monday 9:00 am

This session focuses on yoga therapeutics and Hanna Somatics.  A good place to check in with your body and learn specific methods to use to decrease tension patterns in the body, breathing mind.

MMM Yoga Wednesday 9:00

This session is an all levels MMM Yoga Session.                                          Including grounding/centering, breath work, movement, exploring edges, stillness, strength and meditation.

MMM Chair Yoga Friday 11:00 am

Chair Yoga does not necessarily mean gentle.  We use chairs, walls, tables and other supports to explore balance, movement and postures.

MMM Yoga Saturday 9:00 am

This session is an all levels MMM Yoga Session.                                          Including grounding/centering, breath work, movement, exploring edges, stillness, strength and meditation.

Sessions are always donation based.  The suggested donation is $10 – $15.  No one will be turned away due to lack of their ability to pay.  If you are someone who is coming to several sessions a week, please, adjust your donations so that sessions are not a financial concern.Pay more or less as you able.  Some people are paying for several classes ahead of time.

I have faith that everyone will honor what we are trying to do…

Donations can be made through:

Group Yoga Session

The suggested donation is $10-15. Pay more or pay less. It all balances out.


or through Venmo


If these methods don’t work for you, please contact me for a mailing address.

Here are some suggestions that will hopefully increase the chance that further classes will run smoothly.
1)  Set up your space 15 minutes before class begins.  (same suggestion that I give when we are in Grafton)
2)  If you are having difficulty getting on please contact me. (this is the order of preference.
a) text me at 802-779-2289
b) message me on Facebook Messenger
c0 call me at 802-779-2289
e) last resort – email me
3)  Leave the meeting and then come back in.
4)  Don’t give up….even if you come in late…it’s ok
Here are some other suggestions.
1)  Get to know your Zoom
2)  Find gallery and speaker view options.   if you choose speaker option – my picture will be the biggest one.
3)  Click on participants – see who is in class.
4)  Click on Chat – reach out at anytime to let me know something I need to know.  Music?  You are doing well?  Questions?
5)  Remember, you have the option to unmute yourself at any time. Do so if needed.
6)  when we are just chatting please muter and unmute yourself so we don’t have too much background noise.
PLEASE – send me feedback about the classes.  I won’t know…if you don’t tell me.  What’s working?  What’s not working?

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