Yoga Schedule

I am offering yoga classes via Zoom. You will need to register for the classes. Click on the class below that you would like to attend to register.

 I first began practicing yoga about 15 years ago.  At that time I practiced and trained in the Power and Vinyasa styles.  As I matured, my understanding of yoga did also.  I wanted a yoga practice that would allow me to tune into the needs of my body, slow my mind down, and allow me to explore how I treated myself and others.  I decided to explore a yoga practice that was accessible to all kinds of bodies and had an emphasis on how to practice yoga in all aspects of my life.  I completed Kripalu’s yoga teacher training and have found that it provides me with a solid foundation to explore and teach what yoga has to offer. I have continued my studies in Subtle Yoga, Embodied Yoga, Somatic Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

When you come to one of my classes I hope to create an environment where you can experience yoga versus being taught yoga.

An opportunity to slow down, tune out what needs to be tuned out and tune in to what does.

Sessions include grounding/centering, breath work, movement, clinical somatics, exploring edges, stillness, strength, meditation and yoga philosophy. We will explore ways to practice self care and develop a home practice.

MMM Yoga Monday 9:00 am

MMM Yoga Wednesday 9:00

MMM Chair Yoga Friday 11:00 am

MMM Yoga Saturday 9:00 am

Sessions are donation based.  The suggested donation is $10 – $15.  No one will be turned away due to lack of their ability to pay.  If you are someone who is coming to several sessions a week, please, adjust your donations so that sessions are not a financial concern. Pay more or less as you able.  Some people pay for several classes ahead of time and keep track of their attendance.

I have faith that everyone will honor how I am offering these classes.

Donations can be made through PayPal and/or Venmo.

$10.00 – $15.00 (less if you are attending several sessions a week).


If these methods don’t work for you, please contact me for a mailing address.

Here are some Zoom suggestions :

1)  Set up your space 15 minutes before class begins.

2)  If you are having difficulty getting on please contact me. (this is the order of preference:

a) text me at 802-779-2289

b) message me on Facebook Messenger

c) call me at 802-779-2289e)

d)email me

1)  Get to know your Zoom

2)  Find gallery and speaker view options. .3)  Click on participants – see who is in class.

4)  Click on Chat – reach out at anytime to let me know something I need to know.  Music?  You are doing well?  Questions?

5)  Remember, you have the option to unmute yourself at any time. Do so if needed.

6)  when we are just chatting please mute and unmute yourself so we don’t have too much background noise.

7) PLEASE – send me feedback about the classes.  I won’t know…if you don’t tell me.  What’s working?  What’s not working?